China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation is our partner

China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation (referred to as “CMC”) was established in 1950. In 1998 it became a wholly owned subsidiary of China General Technology (Group) Holding Ltd., a key state-owned enterprise under direct supervision of central government. As New China’s first large-scale state-owned foreign trade company specialized in import and export of mechanical and electrical products as well as international engineering contracting business, it has realized a total business turnover of more than $100 billion since its inception. Since 2004, CMC has continuously ranked among the world’s largest 225 international contractors. During various historical periods in China’s economic construction and development, CMC has always been the main channel of the introduction of mechanical and electrical equipment as well as machinery and electrical products trade. After it was founded 60 years ago, it has made historical contributions to national economic construction, especially the establishment and improvement of national industrial system. Currently, CMC is an important international engineering contractor, project management contractor, and automotive supply chain service provider; whose main business covers international project contracting and large complete equipment exports, domestic trade and engineering, automotive marketing, and other sectors.